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Adm. Thomas H. Moorer  (former CNO) 

"The R.G. Smith WWII Aviation 2000 Calendar honors the famed artist and the veterans of WWII.. Both made enormous contributions to the nation and the world, one through depicting our military history and the other be achieving a hard fought and decisive victory over totalitarian aggressors."

Admiral E.R. Zumwalt, Jr. (former CNO)

In a letter dated 6 Sept. 1972, Adm Zumwalt relates to RG  that there have been numerous requests from the Pentagon for lithographs of the painting ENTERPRISE ON YANKEE STATION including one from the Under Secretary of the Navy.  He continues "Please accept my personal thanks for your many excellent contributions to the Navy Combat Art Collection and especially for this memorable and superbly done work."

Vadm. William D. Houser (former Dep. CNO Air Warfare)

In the forward The Man and His Art, R.G. Smith, Vadm. Houser writes: "Although his major contributions to aeronautical engineering are remarkable, it is his consummate skill as an artist which propelled him to the pinnacle of respect and admiration he now enjoys.  His trained eye for aeronautics and his abiding respect for those who fly, especially in combat, enabled him to portray the spirit as well as the image of aircraft.  His dramatic, realistic, and often soaring backgrounds of sky and clouds attract any aviator's eye, and make that flyer feel at home when viewing his paintings.  Clearly, R.G.'s creations have been instrumental in the preservation of the proud heritage and rich history of Naval Aviation."

Brigadier General Jay Hubbard (USMC ret.)

"As an aircraft engineer he (RG) helped launch the historic evolution in military aircraft design and performance beginning in the 1930s - literally, from "jennys" to jets. A talent for flawless perspective and intricate detail in the line drawings and sketches led to a parallel career, which propelled him into becoming one of the top aviation artists of this or any other time."  Gen. Hubbard goes on to say RG's creations are "priceless masterworks."

Tom Crouch  (Senior Curator National Air & Space Museum Smithsonian)

While introducing "The ''Old Master' of the Sky," an aviation art exhibition (Mar. - Sept. 2000) featuring 25 paintings and drawings by R.G.Smith, Crouch offers: "Among the fraternity of artists who have recorded the history of flight on canvas, R.G. Smith is regarded by many as the American master."  At the conclusion of the exhibit, in a 'thank you' letter to Smith's daughter, General Jack Dailey,  NASM Museum Director, wrote: " I can assure you that millions of visitors enjoyed the paintings this spring and summer.  It became apparent to us at an early date that the presence of the R.G. Smith exhibition served to draw visitors . . ."

Adm. James Holloway III  (former CNO)

My admiration for the art of R.G. Smith is well known among my friends.  When I retired from active duty, my staff at the Pentagon gave me a wonderful pen and ink sketch of the A4D-2 Skyhawk aircraft number 301 that I flew as CO of VA-83 in 1956-1958."

Radm Denny Wisely USN ret. (1st Vietnam veteran to shoot down two enemy aircraft and former Commanding Officer of the Blue Angels)

"The Blue Angels wish to express our deepest appreciation for your many extraordinary efforts in depicting us on canvas.  Your recent work of the Delta formation over the Carrier with "Fat Albert|" and the Number 7 jet is being displayed in our squadron office.  It is another example of your remarkable paintings with which you continue to amaze us.  We wish you to know that we are honored by our association with you.  "Perfection" is our goal - and your accomplishment."  In the painting WISELY'S M|IG, RG depicted Denny in his F-4 Phantom shooting down a Russian MIG in NVN.

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